The IDENTIFY project of USAID's global Emerging Pandemic Threats program (EPT) is hosting a regional veterinary laboratory and field epidemiology linking workshop in Bangkok on May 21-30, 2013.  Led by the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization, with technical support from the Australian Animal Health Laboratory, the workshop is convening veterinary epidemiologists and their laboratory counterparts from eight ASEAN member states and from China to improve mutual understanding of the role that each technical specialist plays in disease surveillance and outbreak investigation.  The workshop will employ regionally relevant case studies–diseases of public health importance such as avian influenza A (H7N9) and those of economic and food security significance such as foot and mouth disease and classical swine fever–to highlight the complementary inputs that epidemiologists and diagnosticians can contribute in collaboratively responding to, and controlling, disease events.  The workshop is jointly supported by the European Union's Highly Pathogenic Emerging Diseases program.

Source:  Health Matters Newsletter RDMA/Office of Public Health