In collaboration with the Con Cuong Forestry Company and Con Cuong Protection Forest Management Board, LEAF recently finalized a new and modernized forest cover and classification map.  Both Con Cuong agencies had previously relied on an outdated map, which severely restricted the effectiveness of overall forest management practices including harvesting, plantation and planning activities.  Dr. Nguyen Duc Son, Director of the Con Cuong Forestry Company, explained that “this is what we have been longing for.  Without knowing what we have, we cannot successfully manage forest resources.”

The creation of this new forest status map, which covers 26,274 hectares of forestland in the Con Cuong District of Nghe An Province and uses high-resolution SPOT 5 satellite imagery, has relied on strong collaboration with local partners, forest owners and consultants.   An initial version of the map received positive feedback from forest owners and local partners alike.  Additionally, 14 technical staff from forestry-related agencies in Nghe An are being trained in forest mapping remote sensing technology.  LEAF is the first project to deliver this type of technical support, which plays a key role in improving sustainable forestry management.  

Source:  The Lowering Emissions in Asia's Forests (LEAF) program

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