U.S. Ambassador to Thailand Kristie Kenny congratulated Thai Ministries of Public Health, Agriculture and National Parks on their collaborative work to protect the livelihoods, food security and health outcomes of the people in her welcoming remarks at the launch event for a new USAID Government to Government (G2G) grant to the Ministry of Public Health's Bureau of Epidemiology.

The participation of the Ambassador and USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia Deputy Director Carrie Thompson illustrated the close relationship between the U.S. and Thailand, especially on health matters over the last 180 years, and for at least another 180.  Together with Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Dr. Yukol Lim-laemthong, the Assistant Minister of Public Health, Prasidth Chaiwatana, and Directors General from the three participating Ministries, Ambassador Kenney elevated the importance of One Health collaboration at the provincial level between human and animal (both livestock and wildlife) sectors.
From the photo, Ambassador Kenney, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Dr. Yukol and USAID/RDMA Deputy Director Carrie Thompson congratulate the Directors General as they sign a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen local-level collaboration between human, livestock and wildlife health sectors.  
Source: Health Matters Newsletter RDMA/Office of Public Health