One of Control and Prevention of Tuberculosis (CAP-TB)’s most effective local implementing agencies, Pyi Gyi Khin (PGK), is a Burmese NGO that was founded by a mother and daughter team in 1997 with the goal to empower vulnerable women and children.  The organization advocates for marginalized populations, including children and orphans, female sex workers, people living with HIV, and tuberculosis patients, promoting basic education and gender equity.   

PGK’s strong connection to marginalized communities enabled them to reach 95% of the CAP-TB target for providing “Living Support Packages” in the past year.  These packages entail home visits to provide basic food, transportation to clinic visits, and psychosocial support that not only makes a difference in patients’ daily lives, but is also critical for positive MDR-TB treatment outcomes.

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Source: Health Matters Newsletter RDMA/Office of Public Health