The harmonization of medical devices across the region is vital to having an integrated healthcare sector, which remains a priority as ASEAN moves towards an ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.  To boost the capacity of medical device regulators and medical device industry, more than 190 participants took part in two trainings on Medical Device Harmonization in Hanoi on October 28-29 and in Ho Chi Minh City on October 31.

Organized by the USAID’s ASEAN Connectivity through Trade and Investment project, the two workshops in Vietnam are part of a series of multi-year medical device regulatory workshops conducted in several ASEAN Member States to assist in developing and implementing the ASEAN Medical Device Directives.  Each Member State training program includes regulator-only training and local industry training components.

The series of workshops aim to forge a common understanding and interpretation of the definition and classification of medical devices based on the Global Harmonization Task Force classification, hence supporting the effective implementation by ASEAN Member States.

Source: General Development Office-USAID/RDMA Monthly Highlights