USAID's Grassroots Equity and Enhanced Networks in the Mekong Program recently released the second issue of its bi-annual newsletter that showcases news and views on social equity in forest-based climate change mitigation policy and highlights equity resources from the region and beyond.

The most recent issue shares updates on ongoing and upcoming program activities such as gathering views from grassroots stakeholders on improving equity in benefit sharing, participation and consultations processes, and introducing grassroots facilitators to new approaches in stakeholder engagement processes.

Resources on equity include resources on women empowerment, stakeholder engagement best practices, and additional gender perspectives.  The newsletter will also be available in five national languages of the Lower Mekong region (Khmer, Lao, Myanmar, Thai and Vietnamese), in addition to the English version pictured below.  This work is part of USAID's regional communication effort to promote effective equity in climate change mitigation in the forestry sector.

Source: USAID/RDMA Regional Environment Office Weekly Update