On March 6, the USAID-funded Lowering Emissions in Asia’s Forests program co-organized a workshop on drivers of deforestation and forest degradation in Cambodia in collaboration with the Forestry Administration of Cambodia, UN-REDD, Japan International Cooperation Agency and the USAID/Cambodia-funded Supporting Forests and Biodiversity program.

At the workshop, participants planned a process to assess deforestation and forest degradation in Cambodia and determine the major causes—a key first step in defining strategies to address the problem.  The workshop was guided by the draft Decision Support Tool on Identifying and Addressing Drivers of Deforestation, which is being developed by the ASEAN Regional Knowledge Network on Forest and Climate Change with support from USAID program.

The workshop also provided a chance for the government and development partners to provide feedback on the decision support tool to the ASEAN network.  The workshop supports key components of Cambodia’s REDD+ strategy and roadmap, and is part of the USAID program’s work to address drivers of deforestation and forest degradation around the region.

Source: USAID/RDMA Regional Environment Office Weekly Update