Under the USAID-supported Asia’s Regional Response to Endangered Species Trafficking (USAID ARREST) Program, Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV) received thousands of entries for its national artwork competition designed to reduce demand for illegal wildlife products. As of February 2, more than 3,900 entries have been submitted.

ENV has worked closely with Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training, Provincial Departments of Education, media agencies and schools to promote the competition, which encourages youth to draw or paint messages encouraging Vietnamese citizens to stop consuming illegal wildlife and their products. The competition is part of a wider effort to increase awareness of and reduce consumer demand for illegal wildlife and products in Vietnam.

Many of the regional efforts focus on engaging youth to promote behavior change for future generations. Implemented by Freeland, ARREST works with many partners across Southeast Asia and China to combat wildlife trafficking.

Source: USAID/RDMA Regional Environment Office Weekly Update