USAID’s Private Financing Advisory Network-Asia (USAID PFAN-Asia), in collaboration with the Thailand Energy Service Companies Association (Thai ESCO), Thailand’s Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency and the Institute of Industrial Energy of the Federation of Thai Industries, co-organized a workshop titled “ESCO Business Model-Experiences from USA, China and Indonesia,” which took place on March 5 in Bangkok.

The event brought together over 60 participants from Thai ESCO, energy audit companies and the executive energy committee of the Federation of Thai Industries to learn more about how the ESCO model operates in thriving markets such as Australia, China, Indonesia and the United States.

Presenters and seminar participants discussed ways of addressing existing barriers for procuring energy saving technologies, as well as how lessons learned in the development of the ESCO model in other markets could be applied in the context of Thailand.

Following the event, Thai ESCO and USAID PFAN-Asia agreed to continue closely collaborating on ways to mobilize financing for commercial energy efficiency projects.

Source: USAID/RDMA Regional Environment Office Weekly Update