Health Pillar Meeting

Developing “One-Health” Expertise in the Region:

Integrating Human Health, Animal Health, and the Environment 

During their August 2014 meeting Ministers announced a renewed LMI program for the next five years that includes focusing the organization on its most successful, in-demand Signature Programs.  These programs give permanent status to activities that have proven successful in meeting the Initiative’s strategic objectives.  The Health pillar’s signature program promotes early detection and response to diseases in animals before they become threats to human health.  Ministers affirmed the need to enhance regional capacity for disease prevention, surveillance, detection, and response across multiple sectors, including human and animal health, and the environment.

This Health Pillar working level meeting will focus on the theme of developing One Health capacity in the region.  Technical and policy experts will illustrate best practices, conduct a needs analysis, and draft recommendations for near-term outcomes.  Participants will review technical issues for the upcoming LMI Regional Working Group Meeting.