NexView, a partnership among the U.S. Geological Survey, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Arizona State University, bolsters (MRC) efforts to promote good governance and transboundary cooperation by providing multidisciplinary decision support. NexView serves to identify synergies and assess tradeoffs for different development scenarios that take into account the nexus of the water, energy, food, and environment sectors.  

NexView helps local and national governments in the Mekong River Basin, as well as community groups and individuals, by promoting a better understanding of interactions among natural and social resources in the face of development pressures. It accomplishes this using several approaches. Literature searches, modelling development, natural resource workshops, and field techniques workshops build local capacity in collection and use of water data. In addition, NexView increases the utility of ecological data by increasing their availability and the understanding of interaction among these resources. NexView also increases the amount and quality of data that stakeholders use to visualize impacts leading to more desirable resource futures. This shared data helps to improve dialogue and engagement among ministries, universities, NGOs, civil society groups, and unions in the Mekong River Basin.