The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers leads the Sister Rivers Exchange program to promote the sharing of experiences between the Mississippi River Commission and the Mekong River Commission through with the aim of increasing regional stability and prosperity. The Sister Rivers Exchange enhances capabilities of the Mekong countries to sustainably manage natural resources, share water data, and build analytical capacity for dam safety. The Sister Rivers Exchange program accomplishes this through its promotion of international collaboration, technical exchanges, and sharing of best practices for the sound management of transboundary water resources.  

Cooperation with the Mekong River Commission contributes to enhanced regional stability through greater international cooperation in the face of development pressures for economic growth. In addition, MUSP members have identified specific capacities of national and regional institutions that are targets for technical assistance and transboundary cooperation. Strengthening regional governance includes building the regulatory environment; increasing the sustainability of infrastructure design, planning, construction, operations, and maintenance; developing public consultation in the national planning processes; and other considerations.