In anticipation of the establishment of an ASEAN community in 2015 and increased awareness on the importance of rule of law for business, the Human Rights Resource Center (HRRC), with the support of USAID, has engaged in a series of activities in Cambodia and Indonesia to highlight the impact any gaps in rule of law will have on the ASEAN business community.

Two documentary video that have been produced: “Cambodia – Business and Rule of Law”; and “Indonesia –Business and Rule of Law, Towards ASEAN 2015”, compile footages and opinions to visualize the rule of law landscape in Cambodia and Indonesia as ASEAN moves towards integration.

The films aim to target not only business actors, but are to be made available to a wider audience. The documentary on Cambodia may be accessed at, while the documentary on Indonesia may be accessed at  Both videos may also be accessed from HRRC’s website at

To reach a broad spectrum of society, the video documentaries were aired on several Cambodia and Indonesian television stations in October and November 2013.  In Phnom Penh, a screening of the video documentary on Cambodia was held and attended by NGOs, civil society members, as well as students from local universities.  Youth and law students expressed their lack of knowledge on what to expect from and how to prepare for ASEAN integration, confirming the need for awareness-raising activities.

Source: General Development Office-USAID/RDMA Monthly Highlights