Established in 2016 by the Friends of the Lower Mekong (FLM), funded by the Mekong-U.S. Partnership under the Mekong Water Data Initiative, and implemented by Pact, the SIP is a multi-partner platform for regional dialogue, capacity building, and training. The SIP addresses three cross-cutting topics that are central to the Mekong River Basin’s development challenges: assessing the cumulative impact of infrastructure projects, incorporating socio-economic data in basin-level planning, and sharing critical water-related data and information necessary for science-based decision-making. The SIP builds technical capacity of Lower Mekong governments and supports the Mekong River Commission. Please follow the SIP on Facebook here.

Mekong Virtual Symposium: “An Uncertain Future: Working Towards a Thriving Tonle Sap”

Pact Thailand is organizing the second Mekong Virtual Symposium: An Uncertain Future: Working Towards a Thriving Tonle Sap as part of the Sustainable Infrastructure Partnership (SIP). This event is open to the public, and interested participants are encouraged to RSVP on