Mekong-US Partnership Financial Support for your Mekong Project

NexGen Mekong Scientists can provide up to 6-month research assistantships for your Mekong Based project. NexGen empowers Mekong young scientists and early career professionals from the region to responsibly steward the Mekong River Basin and its natural resources. NexGen promotes interdisciplinary approaches to the complex challenges faced within the Mekong Region drawing from disciplines within STEM, including the social sciences. A main mechanism for achieving these goals is to develop partnerships between Lower Mekong Basin early career professionals/scientists and ongoing US-funded institutions for short-term fellowships.

Become a Host and receive up to 6 months of Research Assistance

Join us in empowering the next generation of Mekong scientists and policy practitioners by hosting a NexGen Fellow for a short-term fellowships (1-6 months). The program is intended to be mutually beneficial, whereby the host receives up to several months of research assistantship funded by NexGen in exchange for educational opportunities and mentorship.

Host Requirement

• Host institution must be a private organization, university, or a municipal, state and federal agency within the United States, Laos, Thailand,
Cambodia or Viet Nam
• Host institution must have established and ongoing research, policy, or program activity in the Mekong River Basin
• Host institutions are expected to, at a minimum, provide a realistic and relevant project, sufficient guidance/training to achieve the outlined project, and although not required, aid to the best of your ability in securing housing for the applicant if necessary. Hosts are not expected to cover financial costs associated with short-term fellowship, but are expected to cover costs associated with research projects (e.g., lab materials, program licenses, etc.).

Host Application Requirements

• Host location, contact information, physical location of fellowship, and duration of fellowship.
• Names of fellowship supervisor(s).
• Point(s) of contact for NexGen, prospective fellows, and finalists.
• Position description (not to exceed one page, single spaced). If selected as a participating host, this description will be made available and submitted to prospective fellowship applicants.
• Proposed Budget, of which NexGen will cover roundtrip travel and associated costs, if necessary, and a livable monthly stipend.
• Any supplemental material requested by host institution as a part of participant selection.

Applications are accepted bi-annually, due January and July 31st. Decisions will be announced within 4 weeks of deadlines. Please submit the above information as a pdf in an email to

Host Selection

Acceptance of a host application will be based on the
following criteria:
• The perceived quality and feasibility of the fellowship opportunity.
• The level of educational benefit for the fellow.
• The host agency previous experience (if any) working with interns, fellows or other mentoring/educational programs.
• NexGen review panelists and the program manager will review host applications against the above criteria and respond within 4 weeks for rolling basis applications. NexGen has the right to decline host applications.

Financial Information

NexGen will advertise your fellowship opportunity, review applications, place applicants , and fund travel costs to host country (if applicable) and a reasonable stipend for the applicant. As a host, you will have the final decision in the applicant selection process.

Host Benefits

• Up to 6 months of paid research assistance at no cost to you
• Access to a large pool of highly trained and motivated graduate students, post-docs and early career professionals
• Highlight your research through NexGen and US department of States expansive media outlets
• Local on the ground knowledge
• Regional language expertise
• Create in-country advocates for your ongoing efforts in the Mekong Region
• Train and mentor the leaders of tomorrow to ensure we have a bright and prosperous future

Fellow Benefits

• Fellowship placements at prestigious institutions
• Build an international network of colleagues and mentors
• Gain critical training and skills at the frontier of STEM
• Up to 6 months competitive stipend
• Potential for international travel to United States
• Opportunities for peer-review publications
• Follow-up funding opportunities to present original research at international conferences
• Become a part of NexGen Mekong Scientists network that will provide you with a community

Check out our Website at for more information. Interested in becoming a host but don’t know where to start? Contact our NexGen team for assistance with proposal development.