The Young Scientist Program supports young professionals by creating opportunities for collaboration among young scientists from MUSP member countries via joint research and workshops to share scientific knowledge, ideas, and experience. The Young Scientist Program fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing and the creation of a network of young scientists in MUSP countries equipped with the skills to tackle some of the common challenges in the region, through projects that provide feasible, practical, and replicable solutions. This exchange program focuses on Resource Management, Health, and Economic Empowerment through Social Entrepreneurship.  

Implemented by Arizona State University’s School of Engineering the MUSP Young Scientist Program supports 35 young scientists per year from the MUSP partner countries to develop cross-border research groups which develop prototypes and action plans to address issues where they want to make a difference.  

Project participants collaborate in the design of at least five research projects annually, representing each of the five participating countries. In addition, participants present research papers and concept ideas at regional meetings. Capacity building and research policy recommendations are developed based on the input from leaders in industry, government, and academia, where participants have increased access to collaborate with other scholars within MUSP to develop innovative solutions to regional problems. Program members apply skills learned in research training workshops toward research initiatives and new technology development.   

NexGen Program Announcement

Mekong-US Partnership Financial Support for your Mekong Project NexGen Mekong Scientists can provide up to 6-month research assistantships for your Mekong Based project. NexGen empowers Mekong young scientists and early career professionals from the region to responsibly steward the Mekong River Basin and its natural resources. NexGen promotes interdisciplinary approaches to the complex challenges faced…