Mekong-U.S. Partnership Virtual Workshop will be organized by ‘The Asia and Pacific Seed Association’ on 8- 10 June 2021 as a virtual workshop. The theme would be “Strengthening Sustainable Seed System for the Lower Mekong Countries”. This Activity is a component of the Seed Trade Capacity Building Project in the Lower Mekong Region funded under the Mekong-U.S. Partnership (MUSP), formerly known as Lower Mekong Initiative. Following the successful first Mekong Regional workshop on seeds on 2018, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service is inviting Country Representative from the Seed Offices of Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia to attend the Lower Mekong Seed Regional Workshop. There will be no representation this year from Myanmar due to civil unrest following a military coup.

During this time Seed Trade Capacity Building in the Lower Mekong Progress Report will be presented by Government official delegations’ representative on each topic (Plant variety protection, seed lab accreditation, seed certification and phyto-sanitary regulation).  Discussion groups will be organized to review on the priority and the type of capacity building training is needed in the region and in its respective country.

Objectives to be accomplished:

  • Strengthen and bring awareness to seed sectors, on seed trade capacities, and rules-and science-based policy environments.
  • Foster cooperation and the harmonization of seed policies among Lower Mekong Countries (LMCs), consistent with practices and approaches in the United States and with relevant international guidelines.
  • Promote public-private partnerships related to enabling environments for seed use and trade in LMCs.
  • Developed an action plan for capacity building activities.

Desired Results:

  • Increase regional harmonization in seed policy, use, and trade through expert dialogue resulting in more food secure Mekong Region. 
  • Annual review platform for the Seed Trade Capacity Building in the Lower Mekong Assessment Report Action Plan.
  • Increased engagement and support of Government and Private Sector Partners amongst each other.
  • Increase the knowledge and awareness of the country representatives of the Seed Sector.

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Event Name: Mekong-U.S. Partnership Virtual Workshop
Date: 8- 10 June 2021

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