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CAP-Malaria Project Offers Free Blood Tests in Rural Myanmar

Mobile team pays a regular visit to migrant workers at a palm oil plantation site in Tanintharyi Region and Dawei Township.  A Village Malaria Workers (VMW) trained by Control and Prevention of Malaria (CAP-Malaria) project opened a temporary clinic at his house. The sign says “VMW is here, anyone is warmly welcomed for free-blood test”.Related link: CAP-MALARIASource:…

Control and Prevention of Malaria’s Cross-Border Activities in Myanmar

Control and Prevention of Malaria (CAP-Malaria) team performed malaria screening among migrant children at the 38 Miles School inside Yuzana palm-oil plantation project site.  Malaria messages were provided to the students through face to face education. Related Website: CAP-MALARIASource:  Health Matters Newsletter RDMA/Office of Public Health

USAID-Supported Regional Laboratory Network Workshop on Applied Veterinary Bioinformatics

The IDENTIFY project hosted a regional laboratory network workshop on applied field veterinary bioinformatics in Bangkok on June 26-July 1, 2013. Led by The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, fifteen veterinary laboratory staffs from the national animal health laboratories in the regional laboratory network were trained on basic and applied bioinformatics.  The increased capacity in bioinformatics at…

USAID and TICA Visit Myanmar to Launch Trilateral Malaria Control Activities

USAID/RDMA, the Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency (TICA), and the Thai Ministry of Public Health visited Myanmar in July to initiate the first trilateral collaboration activity on malaria control efforts. Thailand and the U.S. are bringing their expertise and resources to collaborate with the Myanmar Ministry of Public Health to tackle the challenge of drug…

CAP-3D: Preventing HIV among Transgendered Women in Laos

Vongphachanh "Khom" Temmelath lives in Vientiane, Laos. When she was in college, like other girls, Khom grew her hair long, wore fashionable clothes, and was an active member in campus social events. But Khom was no ordinary girl. She was born a man.Because of her identity, school authorities challenged Khom repeatedly. Eventually, the constant pressure…

The Health Policy Project, Technical Exchange on Gender & Health Moves into its Second Phase

 At the Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) Second Regional Working Group Meeting held in Vientiane in November 2011, representatives from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) requested technical assistance from development partners to strengthen the newly established Division for the Promotion of Women’s Advancement within the Ministry of Health, and support for the Ministry’s gender…

LMI Infrastructure Best Practices Exchange Participants List

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Infrastructure Best Practices Exchange Agenda

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Women Push for Greater Role in Development of Mekong Region

Bangkok, Thailand – “I have never been around so many strong women from the Mekong region.  It’s really inspiring,” are the sentiments expressed by one of the women leaders who gathered in Bangkok, Thailand for IRI's Mekong Women’s Policy Dialogue.  Lead by Ambassador Paula Dobrianksy, former U.S. Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs,…

Training TB Champions in Monywa, Myanmar

Myanmar's National Tuberculosis Program (NTP) currently only covers 38 out of over 300 townships in the country for programmatic MDR-TB management.  This means that people who contract MDR-TB may need to travel to a different township to be diagnosed and treated.  In response, CAP-TB aims to strengthen the NTP's capacity by means of innovative grassroots structures like…